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 How to do a graphics request.

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PostSubject: How to do a graphics request.   Mon Jan 15, 2007 4:03 am

Follow these Guidelines to best get your request filled:
    Text on image:
    Specific Images (links are ask to be supplied, but if you post the name of the item you want on it, It may work aswell.):
    Colo(u)r Scheme:
    Size (in pixels):
    Things to avoid (what you don't want in your image):

Here is a example:

Quote :

Text on image: ZetaBoards Universe (Then below it, I want the following text): Your #1 ZetaBoards Resource Forum

Specific Images (links must be supplied !): None really, I just want a cool Forum Services look to it.

Colour Scheme: Red/White - To match my forum here.

Size (in pixels): I want the up-to-down (dont know if it is length or width) to be 100 pixels, but I want the left-to-right (dont know if it is length or width) to be as long as my forum here.

Animations: None

Things to avoid (what you don't want in your image): No images of any sort. I just want a cool ZetaBoards Forum Services banner look to it. Kind of like the design iceworks has on his signature. Something like IFSZ's banner. Y'know?

And thats the best way to do it. Very Happy

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How to do a graphics request.
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