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 Twisted Tail

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PostSubject: Twisted Tail   Thu Feb 01, 2007 1:54 am

This is my game project that currently goes under the name "Twisted Tail", it somewhat follows the idea about how I would like the world to be and is going to be a platform game that I'll surprice my furry community with when it's playable, (but that will be a while) ^^ until then I'll let you guys follow my progress ..

NOTE: It's mostly plans and work on sprites atm, untill I got most of the character sprites ready won't I do mutch coding..

A little bit of the work so far:
Quote :
The kick animation

1. Image 4/10 of the 4 leg walk animation
2. When you are bored one make lot of wierd stuff ^^;;
3. Currently only image for the "I've not moved for a while"-animation
4. A possible enemy.. *hm*
5. Image 3/8 for the running 4 leg animation
6. Punch animation that is left out of the project, because I didn't like the look of it (to stiff)

There should only be 3 basic living things in my game:
- normal animal life
- mytoligy creatures
- furries instead of humans ^^ we would just mess up the world anyway lol

I enjoyed the "take photo of every creature to get cash"-part of "Beyond good and evil", so I'm gonna add a similar camera system to this game ^^ but I'm not sure I'll use cash .. more likely that will be used for online competition in some way, get points for a picture and if there is more then one creature on the picture, you'll also get a line of code as proof that it's your picture..

-- MENU --
1. The Character
2. Movement
3. Magic
4. Spells
5. States
6. Attack modes

-- 1. The Caracter --
The main character is a fox *typical me*, he can't fly nor swim, only dog paddle ^^ later in the game he'll be able to transform into a phonix or a sea dragon at spesific locations (or everywhere, not sure yet)

You'll be able to train one or more creature from normal animal life, even insects.. got this idea of carrying a swarm of wasps on the shoulders ^^

Hp and skills will be both collect and get and experience based..
-Max hp and mana inncrasers can be found here and there.. some whole others in parts.
-Skillpoints are based on your exp lvl, and can be moved around in towns..
-you can also get self earned skillpoint, you'll have the same ammount of self earned skill points as you got lvls .. but you can't place these points, what you do most is what get a part of these points, the more you use that skill, the more self earned skill points that skill get

Stamina will be drained after running longer then 15 seconds (25 for four leg mode), and when mana drains in 4 leg mode or when paralysed, then it will also drain.. this will mostly have innfluence on walk, run speed and meele dammage.

-- 2. Movement --
His movement is going to be between 2 and 4 leg mode that can be changed by a keypress, and the diffrence between them will be large:

2 leg movement
-1 ok speed and jumps
-2 will be the most usefull mode for a figth
-3 if jumping at a wall he can do wall jumps
-4 change to 4 leg mode by ducking and move to a side

4 leg movement
-1 normal to fast speed, high jumps from a not moving possition and long jumps with running speed
-2 not the most usefull in a fight
-3 if jumping at a wall he can do one wall push-away (for lack of any better word for it) that gives him an additional jump rigth up that is will in total be a little higher then a high jump..
-4 change to 2 leg mode by press and releace the duck button, if you move while pressing it then you start crawl/sneak

- Edge grab/climp

So far I've made animations for:
- Walk 2 leg
- Run 2 leg
- Attack 2 leg kick
- Attack 2 leg punch
- Walk 4 leg
- Run 4 leg
- Jump 4 leg
- Crawl 4 leg
- Climb 4 leg (from sitting)

-- 3. Magic --
My idea of magic is that writings like scrolls and magic books just tells you how to form the magic, after you have formed it you can store the shape in crystals or orbs untill you need it, and that crystals and orbs are mostly to get a focus point.. magic power (mana) itself is the spiritual power of beings, if one use to mutch of it before it have returned to their body, then they will faint (see states).

So there are 4 ways of casting magic:

- Backpack magic - spells you havn't prepeared in any way, needs a preperation time and, but only uses half the recharge time because you have to focus on that spesific spell. (have to access it thru the inventory)

- Trigger magic - charges when you want it to and releaces when you want it to .. nothing else.

- Quickslot magic - theese spells will be recharged and stored untill they are needed, if used it will be recharged again so it's keept ready at all times.

- Fast magic - using a magic this way will lower your mana regain rate by 1, but also half recharge cost and time that makes this a worthy choice..

The magic will also take a elemental power depending on what it was stored in:
raw - water
crystals - air
ruby - fire
diamand - earth
orb - raw magic

backpack magic will take extra preparation time if it should have a element beside raw magic, if you need to change the stone in the magic slots then a preparation time is needed, the effect or dammage spells have is also effected by the element ( I might add other elements later ) like what shield spells blocks..

You can not stop a charging spell

And to recharge spells while in 4 leg mode, will also drain stamina, just because he needs 2 paws free to form the magic without problem, but he can still cast magic..

-- 4. Spells --
When a spell is cast it's either instant effect on something, if not then it's either time lasting and/or maintained with mana draining from you..

- Transformation spells - 2 diffrent: phonix and sea dragon, sea dragon will be something like a snake game dragon with gravity (could be that I need to have transformation locations instead of spells)

- Enechantment spells - to add elemental dammage to weapon.

- Summoning spells - Creatures is under your controll as long as you can maintain the mana drain it/they request, the beast you summon depends on the element used

- Opposite releace - this is a spell that take a while to recharge and needs alot of mana, the effect of it is that it slowly decharges and incrase your and your other spells recharge speed, be aware that you should use this as trigger magic, because if this drains mana while other spells are draining then you'll be faint for sure ..

- Spectral mode - releace this spell to force your body to faint while your sprit remains counsious (not sure if I'll use it for this game, I'm trying to stay away for to mutch soul confusion)

-- 5. States --
- Faint - Mana drains faster then you can recover it and your mana bar is empty, you'll be forced to lie down untill some of the spells manage to finish recharging and you have more then 5% mana again.. Mana is the glue that binds your body to the soul,

- Mute - A time limited hex casted by another magic user, to quicly deal with it use a potion cure and bring up a magic barrier as fast as possible

- Paralysis - This is a continuable hex that inncrase untill you stop the source for the hex or block it, you can also use potions to get some of it off, but if you kill the source it will just be 1-5 seconds and it have crumbled into pieces, if you get completly covered it's game over

-- 6. Attack modes --
Ranged or Close combat is of course a option of choice

- Bow
- Throwing

I'll use cursor location as the target area for the mouse, for most ranged attacks, unless you have manualy targeted a nearby foe.. then you'll auto aim for that one
-The bow is a quite common so I won't say mutch about it, I'll use a walking with bow sprite untill you press in the mouse button, then it change into a rotating sprite that will point towards the cursor .. you can only hold that possition for so long untill your stamina gets to high.. if you a enechanted spell then you can attach it to the arrow by using the spell before you fire the arrow..
-Throwing got shorter range then arrows, and can be used for rocks, ninja stars, ballchains, boomerangs, explosives, hooklines, ropes and mutch more..

Close combat
- Ball and chain
- Sword and claws/fangs
- Stick and polearms

Ball and chain is a slow weapon that strike hard, and with forceback.

There are two weapons here that can be used in 4 leg mode, claws/fangs and stick and polearms (not sure how to make the two last one yet)
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Twisted Tail
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