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 Gallery / Character Sheet / Admin powers, fixed!

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Character sheet
Name: Neo
Gender: Male.
Description: On the journey to save Zion.

Gallery / Character Sheet / Admin powers, fixed! Empty
PostSubject: Gallery / Character Sheet / Admin powers, fixed!   Gallery / Character Sheet / Admin powers, fixed! Icon_minitimeThu Jan 18, 2007 7:10 pm

After doing some studying....not really... After looking around in the Administration Panel, I have fixed the errors that we had with:

    The Gallery: It clearly was not working...
    The "Character Sheet": Worked, however was not working the way we wished.
    Admin Powers: It seemed that the Admin. had powers...However, it did not fully give them their "powers"

With the Gallery, you can now post images that you see as "good", or "well made".
    The max size for an image is 4.0 mb
    Max. size in pixels are 1280 (length) by 1024 (height)
    Also, you can rate other members' "images".

With the Character Sheet, you can just make a "character," just for fun.

With these new admin powers given...Well, I am no longer the only Admin! (T-T, Naw, I'm just kidding)

Congratz to Furry, and POKKI... for being Re-Administrated. lol!

Gallery / Character Sheet / Admin powers, fixed! Busterneobannercopy4cf
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Gallery / Character Sheet / Admin powers, fixed!
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