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 Eon: History.

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Eon: History. Empty
PostSubject: Eon: History.   Eon: History. Icon_minitimeSun Jan 14, 2007 11:45 pm

These are some of the great dates in Eon: Online World History:

      July 1, 2005:
      Eon hits the web with www.createphpbb.com/wwweoncom/

      July 13, 2005:
      Site name changed to EonOnline, and not just Eon.

      July 16, 2005:
      The three main admin of EonOnline have joined the EonOnline forums.

      December 19, 2005:
      First non-Admin member joins, his name: Quark---who was later known to be one of our Moderators in a couple of past forums.

      January 1, 2006:
      Buster starts to work on EonOnline's website.

      January 17, 2006:
      Slinger joins the EonOnline admin and offers a new forum.

      January 24, 2006:
      EonOnlines forums used to be able to be reached at www.communityhut.net/eononline/

      February 05, 2006:
      www.communithut.net becomes www.communityhut.com

      February 15, 2006:
      EonOnlines forums used to be able to be reached at www.communityhut.com/eononline/

      February 17, 2006:
      Buster leaves www.tacticsarena.com to work full-time on EonOnline

      February 18, 2006 :
      www.freewebs.com/eononline/ has a face lift.

      July 1, 2006:
      EonOnline has turned a year old, and Buster has re-joined www.tacticsarena.com

      July 6, 2006:
      EonOnline name change: EonOnline World.

      August __, 2006(This date isnot completely remembered...):
      EonOnline World is now the main "Company" of the ideas from the Eon crew.
      EonOnline is now Eon: Online
      Other sites associated with Eon are in the making.

      August 17, 2006:
      Communityhut.com has stopped being payed.
      EonOnline World quickly moved the forums to a back-up forum(made during the Spring or Summer of that year.) and the forum starts to grow.

      January 1, 2007:
      Eon: Online World site turns a year old!

      January 14, 2007:
      Eon: Online World makes its changes to head towards a new forum---the Editboards site!

      January 22, 2007:
      The new Eon: Online World forums are open and the forum is booming!

Eon: History. Busterneobannercopy4cf
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Eon: History.
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