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 How to request a site.

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How to request a site. Empty
PostSubject: How to request a site.   How to request a site. Icon_minitimeMon Jan 15, 2007 1:17 am

EonOnline World, site requests all we ask is as follows:

      Only ONE request at a time, EonOnline World will be fair and allow the person that we are working for all the time they need to have us fix what they do not like, and to have this done, we need to focus on one thing at a time.

    How Many Pages will EonOnline world make?

      Minimum - One Page
      Maximum - Six

    Will EonOnline make us a forum?

      Yes, but once we make the forum we are given a Admin account, and this account must stay on the forum.

    I know HTML Code, and after EonOnline World makes the site, I would like to update it and add new pages, will I have the password to the account

      Well duh, if we didnt give you the account, we would feel like we stole it from you.

      But Once Eon: Online World has set the password it stays like that, or you can email us the new password, but if Eon: Online World does'nt have the access to the main account, for a site, not for the forum, Eon: Online World will fully stop anything doing with your site.

    Will EonOnline World update our site?

      We will, as long as they are pages we add and not the ones you did.

    What does EonOnline World want from me?

      All we ask is for us to be able to post our news on your site, and have a little, banner with our URL: How to request a site. Eononlinead88x31wa5

      You must state what you want on all pages and give use images, We will make images but the max of 10

That all we request, you can apply for a site here, or email me / YIM me / MSN me / AIM me / Gtalk me / or even Xfire me:

    Yim = BusterSenshi
    MSN = BusterSenshi@hotmail.com
    AIM = BusterSenshi
    Gtalk = BusterSenshi
    Xfire = BusterSenshi

    Email (1) = BusterSenshi@hotmail.com
    Email (2) = BusterSenshi@gmail.com
    Email (3) = BusterSenshi@yahoo.com
    Email (4) = [email]EonOnlineWorld@gmail.com[/email]

Please only email one of those...

If you have any questions just ask!
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How to request a site.
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